private lessons & onsite yoga

Private Lessons


  • In the comfort of your home, at a convenient location, or online via Zoom.
  • One-to-one, with your partner, with a few friends.



  • At times that suit you.
  • Approximately one hour sessions.



  • Too busy to attend a class.
  • Want individual attention.
  • Prefer to practise in privacy.
  • New to yoga and would like to learn the basics before joining a class.
  • Tailored program to meet your specific needs (e.g.: injuries, back pain).
  • Progress at your own pace.


Onsite Yoga


  • At your workplace or online via Zoom.
  • In a room large enough to accommodate participants (e.g.: meeting room).



  • Early morning.
  • Lunchtime.
  • After work.



  • Promotes health and general wellbeing.
  • Reduces stress and stress-related conditions.
  • Develops concentration and alertness.
  • Keeps staff energised and more productive.
  • Improves working relationships.



workshops & training

private lessons & onsite yoga

Certified Yoga Teacher
500+ hrs / Senior / 10+ years
Trainer 60-hour development course


Do arrive 5-10 min early.

Do wear loose comfortable clothing and layers.

Do bring your mat if you have one (mats are available at all venues though).

Do let your teacher know about injuries or conditions that might affect your practice.


Don’t eat a meal for two to three hours before class (a snack of fruit and/or a few nuts could be ok to eat up to one hour prior).

Don’t bring your mobile into the studio and do have it on silence.

Are you interested in private classes?

To enquire about a private lesson or an onsite yoga class, please click the button below. I will get back to you with availability and costs.