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My classes can be described as either dynamic yoga or Slow Flow (Vinyasa yoga is fine too). They could be defined as ‘eclectic’ because they are not specific to one school of yoga and don’t follow one method or routine of postures. Instead, they blend elements from different traditions such as Hatha, Viniyoga, Astanga and Iyengar, with elements of more recent styles such as Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga. I like variety

My approach to yoga is broadly dynamic, but not fast-moving. My pace is steady yet unrushed. I tend to use breath-initiated movement as a tool to focus the mind and find a sense of fluidity in the poses. Very early in my training I was taught about the importance of breath awareness and mindfulness, combined with a practical understanding of applied anatomy and biomechanics. As a result, my instructions often follow the wave-like movement of the spine during the process of breathing. I mainly focus on developing good levels of mobility, which in time can lead to increased strength and flexibility. When I feel inspired, I also weave simple philosophical teachings into my sequences and sometimes I use my life experiences as examples on how to try practising yoga off the mat.

The intensity of each class varies according to group level, physical ability and fitness, ranging from gentle to vigorous, from a beginner level to intermediate and more advanced. You can expect a thorough warm-up, a peak time of poses, some deep stretches and cool-down time. I often offer variations and use modifications for common aches, pain and injuries, reminding students that they should listen to the messages of their body to avoid strains. I believe there are many ‘yogas’ for as many individuals, we are all different and yoga poses should be adapted to individual bodies – not the other way round.



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my style

Certified Yoga Teacher
500+ hrs / Senior / 10+ years
Trainer 60-hour development course